Getting Accustomed to a 'Real' Camera

Heads up: Camera's are expensive! No fooling around with the camera! You break, you buy!

Watch the following video to learn about the controls on your camera

Understanding ISO and F-stop


A camera's sensitivity to light, the higher the number the more sensitive the camera is to light


How much the the iris of the lens opens during a photo, the greater the F-stop the farther you can shoot with the image being in focus.

Shutter speed

How long the shutter is open for, faster the shutter speed means there is less time for light to enter the camera.


Properly using the camera take photos of the same subject, from the same vantage point but change one of the settings (either ISO, F-stop, or shutter speed) from lowest to highest.

Download those photos from the camera into photoshop

Arrange the photos in a line on one poster in photoshop so you can see the differences between each setting.


Make a poster for each variance in settings:

  • ISO poster

  • F-stop poster

  • Shutter speed poster

You’ll need to use this photoshop tutorial to figure out how to make your poster