Digital Citizenship Presentation

In groups you will research information regarding digital citizenship. Gathering information from reputable sources you will create a presentation about key topics that apply to the online digital world.

Key topics include:

1. Internet Safety

  • internet strangers ewww

  • where are these strangers

  • how to deal with strangers

  • security (viruses, spambots, bots)

  • best practices

2. Relationships & Communication

  • online communication, vs offline communication

  • online emotions & digital drama

  • cyber bullying

  • detect cyber bullying, when to intervene

  • best practices

3. Digital Footprints

  • personal information (does deleted mean ‘gone’)

  • online reputation

  • information Literacy (where is information coming from/trustworthy)

  • copyright, copy & paste

4. Self-image

  • Identity (how do you see yourself)

  • what to post online

  • who to follow online

  • am I the same online as I am offline

  • identity theft

Groups of 3 students max


• Google slides! use screenshots!

• Video

• In class online walkthrough

Use proper & multiple sources/news stories!